As a part of 3 new points of the Competition for co-financing scientific research and innovation activities in 2019. and based on proposals of commission that evaluated the received applications, the Ministry of Science will support 12 projects, whilst 3 projects have been rejected. New points of the Competition are measures that are introduced based on the support program for innovative start-ups in Montenegro. Support value is 50.700 €.

There are 3 new Competition points:

12- Co-financing activities designed to foster innovative culture

13- Co-financing of intensive educational programs (summer and winter schools for students and young professionals) in the field of smart specialization of Montenegro

14- Co-financing programe ,,Visiting lecturers,, at universities of Montenegro, in the fields of smart specialization of Montenegro

The Ministry of Science’s application review commission has set the transition threshold at 70 out of a maximum of 100 points, projects of 90-100 points will be funded with the entire amount requested, projects of 80-90 points will be funded with the 90% of requested amount, and the projects of 70-80 points will be funded up to 80% of requested amount depending on meeting the requirements of the Competition and explaining budget items.

As the total resources committed for this purpose have not been spent, the Ministry of Science extends the deadline for submitting applications for all three points, until the planned funds are spent. The applications after extension of the Competition will be considered individually.

Source: Ministry of Scince of Montenegro