Pre-accelerating program “BoostMeUp” organized by IPC Technopolis, Science and Technology Park and “Amplitudo” – key support for startup development in Montenegro

BoostMeUp program was created as unique compound of expertise, networks and innovative platforms and it is a unique opportunity to all the domestic micro and small enterprises as well as development teams to set up their business idea in business ecosystem through series of strategic activities and in cooperation with regional and EU experts.

The word is about national platform that has a goal of increasing the number of innovative companies with the tendency of fast growth or start-ups. In this way, the digitalization of the economy of Montenegro is realized through development of entrepreneurial-innovative ecosystem and creating the platform for new tools and skills so it could promote innovative and entrepreneurial potential.

After the initial call to the teams that have the idea/concept or a company formed, and choosing the best ones, five-month program is starting and it has a goal to give all the necessary knowledge and experiences to the participants ie. future start-ups so they could start up their business. Besides national, regional and experts from the EU countries with perennial knowledge and experience in all the listed areas, teams will also be provided with financial support so they could start a business.


Program will, after the selection of the teams, in five months will conduct all the ideas and stat-ups that have been selected through seven modules of pre-acceleration ie. key areas for development of their idea with the top experts. At the end, within the Western Balkan Start-up Forum 2020 a Montenegro Pitching contest will be organized where the winner of the Program

will be selected. In the final, the goal is that through connecting with investors, business angels from the country and region we encourage the companies to invest in start-ups and to create modern national market for innovations.

Past practice has shown that s big number of ideas, especially the inventive ones haven’t made it to the market just because of the lack of advanced thinking when developing and realizing a business idea. Program is specially directed towards aspects of strengthening of teams and presentation of business ideas to investors. The implementation of this program will make a significant step forward in the implementation of European Union policies that emphasize new models of economic development at national or regional level based on targeted support for research and innovation activities.

Management team of ,,BoostMeUp” program.